Update Pending — Honest

Well… here we are again. I know, it’s been a while — things have been crazy busy since I last posted, especially since January. There have been a ton of developments lately and I’ve just been waiting for the time to sit down and finally bang out a semi-coherent depiction of what’s gone down.

In the meantime I can tell you this — the Wedding Comedy is being shot right now. Production began two weeks ago and I finally visited the set this past week. The check cleared. This sucker actually went the distance.

I’ll tell you all about it soon.

(Thanks to Van and John P for spurring me on to at least write this sad excuse for a post.)

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4 Comments on “Update Pending — Honest”

  1. John P. Says:

    Congrats! Details!

  2. Désirée Says:


  3. John P. Says:

    Come on, let’s at least have an update! Your movie got made!

  4. WriterDad Says:

    Ta-dah! Here you go…

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