And So It Begins… Yet Again

It’s 99% official — the Big Studio douchebags have won. We’re losing our star. The good news is that now maybe we can find one who can actually, ya know, act. But now I have to strip out everything in my script that we included to tailor it to our former lead. That shouldn’t be a problem. I also have to rewrite a scene that takes place in a church — apparently the locations the Director and producers visited would have nothing to do with us after learning the story of the movie. Alas, my revenge against the Catholic Church will have to wait until another project.

I also found out that the Director will soon be meeting with an older name actress, and she’s planning on pitching the Wedding Comedy. This means I’ll have to beef up the older actress role in my script — fine by me, considering that the character is currently barely on the page anyway.

So yeah, just when I thought my work was done… it’s not.

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