I Should Be a Politician

Does anybody believe me anymore when I say I’m going to post regularly again?  Hell, at this point *I* don’t even believe me.  Hopefully one of these days.

Reader (and new papa) Shawn  has unwittingly shamed me into posting again.  What can I say, I was raised Catholic; I respond to guilt like Pavlov’s dogs responded to ringing bells.

Check the bottom of the comments here for Shawn’s message and my long-winded but well-meaning response; consider this my latest post.  Oh, and here’s a bonus Cliff’s Notes update: the Peanut has turned one, she’s walking, talking (sort of), eating solids (mostly) and usually failing miserably to sleep through the night.  The Wedding Comedy has gone through a number of trials and tribulations but is still on course for a September production — I’m neck deep in the rewrite right now and praying that I’m not ruining the damn thing.  And the Missus miraculously still hasn’t divorced me yet despite my various neuroses, hang-ups and occasional bouts of flat-out craziness; today is our third anniversary, which we’re celebrating by dealing with the Peanut’s latest eye infection.

Thanks for checking in.

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3 Comments on “I Should Be a Politician”

  1. Pam Belding Says:

    Good job! Taking care of yourself and your family should be first and foremost on your agenda. No guilt, man. Congrats on the anniversary.

  2. John P Says:

    September production? Is it in pre-production already? Congrats!

  3. WriterDad Says:

    Pam — thanks!

    John — it’s getting very close to pre-production. To be honest, I’m a little skeptical about that September start date, but that’s what they tell me. Until I hear otherwise, I’m gonna assume that we’re still good to go…

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