I am a Bad, Bad Blogger

… Well, I’m a busy one, anyway.  Lots going on around WriterDad Manor; the usual domestic shenanigans seem to take up more and more of my time as the Peanut continues to develop, making it harder to write much of anything.  Sometimes it feels almost impossible to find the time to write my name, let alone a blog entry or a screenplay.  When I do find a spare minute or two to hit the keyboard, I’ve been spending it on the project at hand: we’ve got some contest deadlines looming on the horizon that I’m determined to make, and the blog has suffered as a result.

I hope to whip up a more substantial post in the next couple of days.  No promises.

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8 Comments on “I am a Bad, Bad Blogger”

  1. WhatACard Says:

    Welcome back! The Peanut must not be too much of a peanut anymore. Isn’t it so fun as they get bigger?

    • WriterDad Says:

      Thank you, thank you! No, the Peanut may not be much of peanut anymore, but she’ll always be the Peanut in my eyes. 🙂 And yeah, she’s so much more fun now, though we’ve discovered — much to our horror — that this parenting thing is even MORE difficult now. Or more difficult, but in a different way. I seriously have no idea how you can handle more than one…

  2. K. Says:

    Welcome back indeed.

    How’s Bigfoot going now? You sending it out yet?

    I haven’t touched my blog since last year, I should really update because things have changed drastically in my film adventure, and for the better.

    Hope Peanut cuts you some slack soon!

  3. WriterDad Says:

    Thanks, K. Bigfoot is going sloooowly. Not even close to sending it out; at this point, I just want to get it ready to submit to this year’s Nicholl Fellowship. If I can make that deadline, I’ll probably start circulating it among my withering network of contacts.

    The Peanut refuses to cut me or the Missus any slack. She caught a stomach bug late last week and gave it to us in time for the weekend. I know, the nerve of her.

    Glad to hear somebody’s got some positive changes in their film adventure!

  4. Tim Says:


    Toldja those were the salad days! Believe it or not, it’s easier with more than one cuz they can entertain themselves.

    My best to the fam!

  5. WriterDad Says:

    My God, Tim, there are moments when the notion of another kid is so horrifying, I can’t even stand it. 🙂 Though everybody tells me that I’ll change my tune after she hits her first birthday or so. And yeah, I guess I can see your point about having #2 offspring to play with #1. Maybe then Daddy would get some writing time again!

  6. William Says:

    WD – I’m with you on the more than one idea. Do you think you could possibly go through what you went through with your daughter for her first year of life with another? I have heard the theory from parents with more than one that they can entertain each other. I don’t know. I grew up as an only child and I think I turned out uh, alright. Wait a minute….

    That’s where daycare comes in. Sell that script so you can pay for it, brother.

  7. WriterDad Says:

    William — frankly, even though we’ve had it pretty easy for the most part (relatively speaking), at this point I really can’t imagine going through a year like this again, at least given the way things are for us right now in terms of money, our respective careers, etc. I grew up the eldest of four and my wife was one of five, and in a perfect world I really would like a sibling for the Peanut, but we’ll see where we’re actually at when we have the Second Kid Talk, which probably won’t happen until at least this summer. On the plus side, I’ve got, what, a whopping four or five months to magically acquire my family-sustaining fortune!

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