Finished (For Now)


 So yesterday I handed in the revised draft of the Wedding Comedy, all polished up, dumbed down, and minus eight pages to bring it in to a low budget friendly (or at least friendlier) 102 pages.  Any good?  Who knows — I’d like to think so, though at this point, my opinion is the last one that matters.  Strangely enough, instead of agonizing over whether or not it was ready to turn in, I’m remarkably calm about the draft’s possible reception.  Maybe I’ve finally come to realize that at this point, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. Or maybe I’m just relieved that it’s over for the time being.  Either way, I’ve been basking in the afterglow ever since — apparently I look like I’m in such a good mood today, the Missus thinks I’m having an affair.

The wife also pointed out something that I didn’t notice until after the fact: according to her, this time around I was significantly less neurotic while writing than I usually am.  Maybe it was because of the  tight deadline given by the producers (three weeks between the approval of the loose outline and when they wanted to see the draft): I didn’t have time to agonize over the myriad options I faced with along the way but simply had to make a decision, stick with it and move on.  In the Missus’ opinion, my standard neuroses were there, but I didn’t let them rise to the surface because I couldn’t afford to let them.  This makes sense to me, even though I never thought of it that way; I suffer from a chronic lack of self-awareness, though, so she’s probably dead on.  In any case, the sprint is over… at least until the producers give me notes.  Then the race starts again.

In the meantime, I’m going to veg out without guilt.

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4 Comments on “Finished (For Now)”

  1. Alan Says:

    Congrats, man! I know that’s a huge weight off your shoulders.

  2. Tim Says:

    Congrats! You’re now a pro and working like one.

  3. Hugel Says:

    Feel the same way about the draft I submited to a contest last Friday.

  4. WriterDad Says:

    Thanks, guys! And Tim — if I were only making pro money… 🙂

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