As much as I’d like to, for the past few days I just haven’t had the time to write a decent blog entry.  I’ve promised the producers the latest draft of the Wedding Comedy by Monday, so I’m working as hard as I can… WHEN I can: between the day job, the Peanut and the sick Missus (thanks to the Peanut), finding twenty minutes of sustained writing time is about as miraculous as seeing the face of Jesus on a burrito.  Hopefully things will ease up a little this weekend and I can put the finishing touches on the draft and then have time for such leisure-time activities as staring blankly at a wall.  And then blogging about it.

Anyway, the WriterDad chronicle of fear and self-loathing will resume soon enough, don’t you worry.

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6 Comments on “Sprinting”

  1. WhatACard Says:

    Oh darlin’, the first rule of blogging is one must ignore all of one’s real life obligations.

    Just kidding. Good luck with the rewrite. And the beautiful baby girl.

  2. WriterDad Says:

    Oh, that’s right. I keep forgetting that rule. 🙂


  3. That’s it, you’re off my feed reader.

  4. You still sprinting? Cause at this point, it’s more like a marathon…

  5. Robb Says:

    Best of luck to you man. It is rough. Not trying to scare you, but we had our first baby 8 years ago (second one 4 years ago) and it is still a near-miracle to get 20 minutes of writing time…

  6. WriterDad Says:

    Dave — yeah, it was a sprinting marathon. It’s a miracle I didn’t cramp up.

    Robb — I’m afraid. I’m very afraid. 🙂

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