In the week or so since I’ve started this humble little blog, I’ve discovered that it’s an excellent way to procrastinate. Why write when I can just write about writing instead? This is awesome. I can’t believe I never thought of it earlier!

Now, as I ponder possible subjects for the next blog entry instead of my Wedding Comedy rewrite (you know, the thing that will actually make me money), I have been given the opportunity to procrastinate about my procrastination: Alan of 120-Page Monster has tagged me. My first meme! So here it goes…

Six Things People (Generally) Don’t Know About Me:

  1. My real identity. Oh, that’s no fun; half the people reading this blog probably know who I am anyway, and the other half couldn’t care less. Okay, let’s start over… I once owned one of Charles Manson’s personalized guitar picks, inscribed with his name. I knew somebody who corresponded with him for reasons I never wanted to know, and Manson sent him the pick. I can’t remember how I ended up with it, but the thing started to spook me so much that I eventually tossed it out. Bad karma, man, bad karma…
  2. I once entered the personal space of a Beatle. I was eating lunch with my boss at Hakata, and when we were heading out, we brushed past an old guy at the sushi bar who looked up at me. It wasn’t until we reached the parking lot that I realized it was George Harrison. I wish I could say that I ran back in and asked for his autograph or demanded that he entertain me with an a cappella rendition of “My Sweet Lord”, but I didn’t. Yes, I’m lame.
  3. I was a pretty rocking DRESSED TO KILL-era Gene Simmons one Halloween in college.
  4. My first concert was the MTV Headbangers Ball Tour in 1989: Anthrax, Exodus and Halloween at the then-Felt Forum in New York City. My dad took me (and my younger brother) as a 15th birthday present and brought along cotton balls and a copy of Newsweek. Needless to say, the old man got zero reading done that evening, but he did provide me and the bro with the opportunity to laugh at him for the next twenty years.
  5. I saw THE PHANTOM MENACE eight times in the theater, and it wasn’t until about the sixth time that I finally admitted to myself, “Okay, this movie really does suck after all.” But that didn’t stop me from going two more times for the lightsaber duel at the end. Yes, I’m even lamer than you thought.
  6. After the first date with my now-wife, I told my parents that I had just gone out with the woman I was going to marry. They didn’t believe me, so I had no choice but to prove them wrong. The wife and I are miserable and totally wrong for each other, but damn it, I sure showed Mom and Dad! (Just kidding. Oh, I’m gonna get it when the Missus reads this…)

… So there we go. I am no longer a meme virgin.

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3 Comments on “Tagged!”

  1. Alan Says:

    Nice! Your #3 reminded me of my #7 (okay, so I cheated and did 7)…I went to a church Halloween party (which is kind of a paradox anyway) dressed as Peter Criss. I won one of the best costume prizes — as “a cat”. Not that I expected anyone at church to know who KISS was, but oh well.

  2. WhatACard Says:

    I can verify that you were a pretty rockin’ Gene Simmons. There may even be photographic evidence…

    8 times? 8 times? I thought I was pretty lame that I went to see the next two Star Wars movies in the theater after seeing Phantom Menace. I bow to your commitment to geek-dom.

  3. writerdad303 Says:

    Alan, that’s awesome — hooray for subversion! Now we just need to find a couple of other bloggers who’ve dressed up as Paul and Ace and we’ll have… something.

    WhatACard — I do have a lone photo of me as the Demon and it almost became my Gravatar. But then I figured Gene Simmons would make me pay a royalty or something… As for my sad Episode I record — what can I say? I was young and foolish. Very, very foolish. And *ahem* I had nothing better to do at the time anyway.

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