Another Writer, Another Writing Blog…

Who the hell do I think I am?  Excellent question.

On July 3, 2008, I landed my first screenplay option after nearly eleven years of trying to break into Hollywood.  On July 6, 2008, my beautiful wife gave birth to our first child, an equally beautiful little girl.  The next draft of my script is due in mid-August.  My daughter doesn’t seem to understand the words, “Daddy’s got to write.”  I am a thirtysomething nearly professional writer who feels like he is in way over his head as he tries to deal with both producer notes and dirty diapers — I’m taking shit from both sides.  I am exhausted, exhilarated, terrified, stressed, overwhelmed and still weirdly delighted with the mess my life has suddenly become.  I need more hours in the day and a running tab at the local Starbucks.

What better time than this to start a blog?

I should just warn you beforehand: I am not John August.  I am not Jane Espenson.  I’m not even the guy who wrote one of those direct-to-DVD AMERICAN PIE sequels (though, frankly, I wouldn’t mind if I was).  I have been mistaken for David Cross, though that’s a different story.  I’m just some amiable dope from New Jersey who came out to Los Angeles with the dream of writing movies, but ended up getting a life along the way.  I can’t tell you how to write that million dollar spec in ten easy steps, but I maybe by sharing how I deal with the disappointments, setbacks and flat-out failures that every aspiring screenwriter periodically faces out here on the left coast, you’ll feel a little better as you try to keep your own dreams alive while life gets in the way.  And hopefully you’ll find my war stories and nuggets of hard-earned quasi-wisdom entertaining and maybe even a little enlightening.

At least you should find the pictures of my kid cute.

Anyway, welcome to my blog; thanks for reading.  Prepare yourself for hopefully semi-regular posts about writing, fatherhood, marriage, surviving the day job and the occasional geek-out about other stuff I love — movies, music, books, comic books.  Please bear with me as I attempt to master this wordpress thingie and work out my issues (both technical and psychological) in the cold, hard light of cyberspace.

Next up: the origin story of WriterDad!

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6 Comments on “Another Writer, Another Writing Blog…”

  1. Great, thanks for coming along and making me feel like a total amateur. Nice goin’, WriterDad!

    [That’s my way of saying, welcome to the scribosphere, partner!]

  2. The Last Spartan Says:

    THIS is a great idea for a blog. The writer dad. Congratulations on being a new papa!

  3. Eddie Says:

    Welcome. Congrats on all the great happenings lately.

  4. writerdad303 Says:

    Thanks, everybody!

  5. William Says:

    So you’re in the thick of it. Now I really have a place to check up on a regular basis being that I’m in the trenches with you. Dave will tell ya….

    Congrats on the blog and your new family. It’s a trip ain’t it?

  6. writerdad303 Says:


    Yeah, it IS a trip — even if it occasionally it feels like a trip to hell. 🙂

    I’m a fan of your blog, incidentally. Been a lurker for quite a while now!

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